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Who Do We Think We Are Anyway?

We’re mortgage people, mostly. Brokers. Marketers. Tech types. What united us initially and keeps us going is the belief that independent mortgage originators deserve better. Better options than tech stacks that have been duct taped together. Better choices than logging in and out of dozens of systems to help their borrowers.

ARIVE was created to serve independent brokers by thinking about what they really need, then building it in as beautiful and intuitive a fashion as possible.

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What Guides ARIVE?

In business, a vision statement is where a company wants to go, and a mission statement is how they intend to get there. These are the two main signposts on our ARIVE roadmap.

Vision Statement: To become the most desirable partner for independent originators by revolutionizing lender integration, pipeline management, POS, CRM, and business technology in the mortgage space — and look good doing it.

Mission Statement: To place the power of technology at the service of independent mortgage loan originators and support their success with exemplary design, development, and customer service.

Where ARIVE Came From

ARIVE comes from experience. The people involved in creating ARIVE are real mortgage folks — people who’ve seen the ups and downs, who made it through 2008, and who came out the other side believing that independent brokers are the best partners for borrowers.

From there it was a simple leap to look around, see what was missing, and commit to building the platform that can offer independent mortgage originators seamless, real-world use.

But what about the future? ARIVE is similarly committed to improvement. By seeking out and really listening to the feedback of the broker community, we plan continuous improvements and expansions and additions. Because if history has taught us anything, it’s that staying stagnant doesn’t serve brokers or borrowers.

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