Frequently Asked Questions

How is all of this being offered free to brokers?
ARIVE is included as part of an AIME membership. Lenders and other third-party vendors offset the cost with their participation in ARIVE marketplace — after all, they want to be where the brokers are, so everybody wins.
Which lenders are part of ARIVE? Will more be joining?
ARIVE has been contacted by over 100 lenders that are excited to join the lender marketplace. We can’t tell you who all is on-board just yet, but we’ll publish the list before launch. After launch, we’ll continue to welcome other lenders to the platform.
Will we be able to send loans to lenders not yet on the ARIVE platform?
ARIVE is designed to be a fully-integrated experience with the goal of being a one-stop platform for the independent mortgage broker. Naturally, we’ll keep integration strategy aligned with this goal so we can make ARIVE a value and a real game-changer.
Will ARIVE charge ancillary fees for things like DocSign, credit reports, or work numbers?
Your typical origination pass-through fees (such as credit reports) will flow through as is standard. Premium services may be added to the platform at a later time, and we’ll have costs clearly spelled out for those as they become available. No surprises.
Will there be a mobile app for LOs and borrowers?
The platform is designed with a responsive, mobile first architecture — we live on our phones just like you do. The full mobile experience is targeted for the first half of 2019.
Will ARIVE have an open API?
ARIVE won't have a fully open API. Why? Because we’re working like hell to make sure ARIVE serves the community the best results in the most secure fashion. But we welcome partners that want to truly enhance the broker experience.
How much storage space will I need to run the ARIVE platform?
On your end? None. We have you covered. We utilize high-security cloud services and just run in your browser. No need to worry about client-side storage.
Will brokers be able to invite buyer and listing agents to receive loan updates?
Who are the folks behind all of this?
ARIVE was conceived by mortgage insiders. CEO Joseph Cicali and SVP of B2B Relationships Katie Sweeney boast nearly 25 years of mortgage and marketing knowledge between them, and both have experience with complex technical projects that truly serve brokers’ needs. And we’re very excited about our partnership with AIME.